Exercise Programs

Below are links to twelve free PDF downloads on exercise programs. 'Core Stability - A Pilates Workout' is recommended as a general workout with an emphasis on core stability. If you prefer more general exercises, please look at: 'Exercises To Help Prevent Back Pain'. 'Pilates Exercises for Back Pain' can be helpful if you are suffering from mild back pain.

Core Stability - A Pilates Workout.pdf Core Stability - A Pilates Workout.pdf
Size : 1352.522 Kb
Type : pdf
Pilates Exercises for Back Pain.pdf Pilates Exercises for Back Pain.pdf
Size : 1102.911 Kb
Type : pdf
Exercises to help prevent back.pdf Exercises to help prevent back.pdf
Size : 2565 Kb
Type : pdf
Pilates Exercises for Pregnant Women.pdf Pilates Exercises for Pregnant Women.pdf
Size : 990.499 Kb
Type : pdf
Pilates Exercises For After Childbirth.pdf Pilates Exercises For After Childbirth.pdf
Size : 904.438 Kb
Type : pdf
Yoga During Pregnancy.pdf Yoga During Pregnancy.pdf
Size : 1305.301 Kb
Type : pdf
Core and Flexibility Workout.pdf Core and Flexibility Workout.pdf
Size : 205.955 Kb
Type : pdf
At-home exercises to boost muscle mass.pdf At-home exercises to boost muscle mass.pdf
Size : 915.271 Kb
Type : pdf
Lower Body Stretch.pdf Lower Body Stretch.pdf
Size : 945.103 Kb
Type : pdf
Best Stretches for Office.pdf Best Stretches for Office.pdf
Size : 988.91 Kb
Type : pdf
Total Body Ball Stretch.pdf Total Body Ball Stretch.pdf
Size : 982.561 Kb
Type : pdf
Lifting Weights With A Herniated Disc .pdf Lifting Weights With A Herniated Disc .pdf
Size : 1170.153 Kb
Type : pdf

Exercises for Various Injuries

Below are links to 34 free PDF downloads on the injury of the title, including the anatomy, a description of the injury, possible causes of the injury, and self-help exercises that you can do at home.

Achilles Tendonitis.pdf Achilles Tendonitis.pdf
Size : 1142.204 Kb
Type : pdf
ACL Injury.pdf ACL Injury.pdf
Size : 942.051 Kb
Type : pdf
Ankle Sprain .pdf Ankle Sprain .pdf
Size : 1011.121 Kb
Type : pdf
Calf Muscle Tear.pdf Calf Muscle Tear.pdf
Size : 1349.539 Kb
Type : pdf
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.pdf Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.pdf
Size : 992.036 Kb
Type : pdf
Chondromalacia.pdf Chondromalacia.pdf
Size : 982.196 Kb
Type : pdf
de Quervain's Tenosynovitis.pdf de Quervain's Tenosynovitis.pdf
Size : 2921.779 Kb
Type : pdf
Frozen Shoulder.pdf Frozen Shoulder.pdf
Size : 941.163 Kb
Type : pdf
Golfers Elbow.pdf Golfers Elbow.pdf
Size : 1769.379 Kb
Type : pdf
Groin Strain.pdf Groin Strain.pdf
Size : 1233.033 Kb
Type : pdf
Hamstring Strain.pdf Hamstring Strain.pdf
Size : 1270.155 Kb
Type : pdf
Iliopsoas Tendonitis.pdf Iliopsoas Tendonitis.pdf
Size : 945.376 Kb
Type : pdf
Iliotibial Band Syndrome.pdf Iliotibial Band Syndrome.pdf
Size : 1067.898 Kb
Type : pdf
MCL Sprain.pdf MCL Sprain.pdf
Size : 977.826 Kb
Type : pdf
Meralgia Paresthetica.pdf Meralgia Paresthetica.pdf
Size : 1049.565 Kb
Type : pdf
Meniscus Tear.pdf Meniscus Tear.pdf
Size : 989.187 Kb
Type : pdf
Morton's neuroma.pdf Morton's neuroma.pdf
Size : 1418.4 Kb
Type : pdf
Osgood-Schlatters.pdf Osgood-Schlatters.pdf
Size : 1028.013 Kb
Type : pdf
Osteitis Pubis.pdf Osteitis Pubis.pdf
Size : 1099.24 Kb
Type : pdf
Patellar Tendonitis.pdf Patellar Tendonitis.pdf
Size : 984.644 Kb
Type : pdf
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.pdf Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.pdf
Size : 973.557 Kb
Type : pdf
Piriformis Syndrome.pdf Piriformis Syndrome.pdf
Size : 1091.273 Kb
Type : pdf
Plantar Fasciitis.pdf Plantar Fasciitis.pdf
Size : 955.072 Kb
Type : pdf
Polymyalgia Rheumatica.pdf Polymyalgia Rheumatica.pdf
Size : 905.313 Kb
Type : pdf
Pulled Elbow.pdf Pulled Elbow.pdf
Size : 1048.344 Kb
Type : pdf
Rotator Cuff Injury.pdf Rotator Cuff Injury.pdf
Size : 1023.022 Kb
Type : pdf
Sacroiliac Joint Strain.pdf Sacroiliac Joint Strain.pdf
Size : 1562.901 Kb
Type : pdf
Sciatica.pdf Sciatica.pdf
Size : 1183.327 Kb
Type : pdf
Sever’s Disease.pdf Sever’s Disease.pdf
Size : 1053.507 Kb
Type : pdf
Shin Splints.pdf Shin Splints.pdf
Size : 959.715 Kb
Type : pdf
Subacromial (Shoulder) Bursitis.pdf Subacromial (Shoulder) Bursitis.pdf
Size : 1515.684 Kb
Type : pdf
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.pdf Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.pdf
Size : 1663.091 Kb
Type : pdf
Tennis Elbow.pdf Tennis Elbow.pdf
Size : 1103.355 Kb
Type : pdf

Specific Sports Warm Up Exercises

Below are links to 21 free PDF downloads on the sport of the title, including a description of the sport, the anatomy involved, the most common injuries for the sport, injuries prevention strategies, and the top three warm up exercises for the sport.

Archery.pdf Archery.pdf
Size : 1052.128 Kb
Type : pdf
Badminton.pdf Badminton.pdf
Size : 1054.407 Kb
Type : pdf
Basketball.pdf Basketball.pdf
Size : 1076.175 Kb
Type : pdf
Cricket.pdf Cricket.pdf
Size : 1018.582 Kb
Type : pdf
Cycling.pdf Cycling.pdf
Size : 1067.103 Kb
Type : pdf
Golf.pdf Golf.pdf
Size : 1032.478 Kb
Type : pdf
Gymnastics.pdf Gymnastics.pdf
Size : 1079.948 Kb
Type : pdf
Hockey.pdf Hockey.pdf
Size : 1023.894 Kb
Type : pdf
Martial Arts.pdf Martial Arts.pdf
Size : 1051.526 Kb
Type : pdf
Netball.pdf Netball.pdf
Size : 1092.614 Kb
Type : pdf
Rowing and Kayaking.pdf Rowing and Kayaking.pdf
Size : 1101.235 Kb
Type : pdf
Rugby.pdf Rugby.pdf
Size : 1103.022 Kb
Type : pdf
Running.pdf Running.pdf
Size : 1064.689 Kb
Type : pdf
Soccer.pdf Soccer.pdf
Size : 1030.822 Kb
Type : pdf
Squash.pdf Squash.pdf
Size : 1068.845 Kb
Type : pdf
Surfing.pdf Surfing.pdf
Size : 1094.77 Kb
Type : pdf
Swimming.pdf Swimming.pdf
Size : 1042.896 Kb
Type : pdf
Tennis.pdf Tennis.pdf
Size : 1017.051 Kb
Type : pdf
Volleyball.pdf Volleyball.pdf
Size : 1099.784 Kb
Type : pdf
Walking.pdf Walking.pdf
Size : 1056.768 Kb
Type : pdf
Windsurfing.pdf Windsurfing.pdf
Size : 1060.023 Kb
Type : pdf
General Warm Up Exercises

It is important to warm up before sport. This warm up is designed by ACC and is for both training and game day, for all levels:

Warm Up Exercises.pdf Warm Up Exercises.pdf
Size : 341.079 Kb
Type : pdf
Persistent Pain

Pain killers do not give effective long term relief for persistent (chronic) pain. All of them can cause hyperalgaesia, which is when all pain is amplified, and some are addictive. Read either of these PDF's to learn how to manage persistent pain without drugs:

The Pain Toolkit NZ.pdf The Pain Toolkit NZ.pdf
Size : 1919.268 Kb
Type : pdf
Navigating Pain.pdf Navigating Pain.pdf
Size : 237.689 Kb
Type : pdf
If you have an injury, remember RICE:
R = Rest
I = Ice
C = Compression
E = Elevation

You should apply the RICE method in the 24 hours immediately following injury in order to relieve pain and reduce the extent of swelling (inflammation). The RICE method should not be used if you have Raynaud’s disease, diabetes or peripheral vascular disease.

Stop activity. With an injury to the leg, this may mean having to use crutches.

Apply ice for 10-15 minutes every 1-2 hours initially and then, gradually reduce the frequency of application over the next 24 hours. Methods of applying ice:

* Ice bucket
* Instant ice packs
* Crushed ice wrapped in a wet towel
* Packet of frozen peas wrapped in a wet towel

Compression, by the use a compression bandage around the injured area, helps to prevent or reduce swelling. The bandage should be applied firmly but not so tight that the blood is cut off. If applied to a limb, the fingers or toes should remain pink, and not become ‘tingly’. Ice can be used over the bandage. Remove the bandage every 3-4 hours and reapply.

Raise the leg above the level of your hip e.g. lie down with,your leg propped up on a chair and/or pillows, or the arm in a sling or, with the hand on the opposite shoulder.

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