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ACC Travel Expenses

ACC will be able to help you with travel expenses if, within 14 days of your injury, you need to travel more than 20 kilometers (one way per trip), or you travel more than 80 kilometers within any calendar month, or within any calendar month you spend more than $46 on bus, train or ferry (or, with prior approval from ACC, you spend more more than $46 within any calendar month for other transport such as taxis, Ubers, hire-cars or shuttles). ACC will then pay your return fare, provided you return to where you started from. If you use a private vehicle they’ll pay 29 cents per kilometer (inclusive of GST). ACC can help pay the travel costs for someone to travel with you if you qualify for travel costs and you’re under 18 years, or your medical condition requires that you travel with an escort, or the transport provider requires you to have an escort. If you share private transport ACC will pay the private transport rate for one person only. You will need to keep your tickets or receipts and give the form to Philip to stamp and sign. To obtain an ACC250 Request for Travel Costs form call ACC on 0800 101 996 then press 4, drop into your nearest ACC office or simply Google: “ACC250”, and download it as a PDF.

May 9th 2019

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