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The Tenets of Osteopathy

The following tenets were published by JAOA on 1st February 2002:

Basic tenets

  1. A person is the product of dynamic interaction between body, mind, and spirit.
  2. An inherent property of this dynamic interaction is the capacity of the individual for the maintenance of health and recovery from disease.
  3. Many forces, both intrinsic and extrinsic to the person, can challenge this inherent capacity and contribute to the onset of illness.
  4. The musculoskeletal system significantly influences the individual’s ability to restore this inherent capacity and therefore to resist disease processes.

Principles for patient care

  1. The patient is the focus for healthcare.
  2. The patient has the primary responsibility for his or her health.
  3. An effective treatment program for patient care is founded on these tenets and:
  • incorporates evidenced-based guidelines,
  • optimizes the patient’s natural healing capacity,
  • addresses the primary cause of disease, and
  • emphasizes health maintenance and disease prevention.
May 6th 2019

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