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The Story of Osteopathy Part Five

After he returned from the war, Andrew and his wife Mary Elvira repeatedly petitioned the US government for Andrew to receive a pension based upon the injury (the hernia) he received in the Civil War, which made him unable to do hard physical work, such as farming. However, because the Kansas Militia was not officially sworn in to the Union Army, their requests were denied. Andrews earnings were very low, and the family suffered many hardships. Andrews’ faith in medicine was shaken when, within two weeks, three of his children from his first marriage died of meningitis, and two weeks later a child from his second marriage died of pneumonia. Andrew with his medical knowledge could do nothing to help them. In 1867 Abram died at age 71 of pneumonia. Andrew was very close to his father and his death was a great loss. Three children were then born in close succession. In 1870 Andrew enrolled for a short course in medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Kansas City, though there is no record of his graduation. Some believe that he had extensive arguments with the faculty and dropped out. In 1873 Andrew was seriously ill with a lung infection for three months. After his recovery another child was born.

January 28th 2019


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