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The Story of Osteopathy Part Four

From 1861-1864 Andrew fought in the Civil War on the side of the Union Army. He served his entire military career in Kansas, in several different militia units. Andrew was refused a commission as a surgeon due to his lack of formal training, so he enlisted as a hospital steward with the rank of sergeant. Normally hospital stewards were selected for training from the enlisted men in the hospital corps. They were given a basic training in sanitation, pharmacy, medicine and surgery and their duties included being in charge of hospital stores, dispensing medicines and having general charge of the sick in the absence of the medical officers. Andrew was exempt from this training because of his prior medical training from his father, and his medical experience. A hospital steward could expect to be promoted to an officer and surgeon with experience. Andrew stated in his autobiography that whilst he was nominally a hospital steward was in reality a de-facto surgeon. After his first militia unit was disbanded Andrew wished to be an infantry officer. He organised a new militia, was promoted to the rank of Captain and ultimately achieved the rank of Major. Andrew fought in the Battle of Westport, during which he suffered an inguinal hernia.

January 27th 2019


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